I feel like the art is sort of a vehicle for showing that connection that I have, but because it's so hands on and you're working with natural materials... in a way it is sort of a natural experience just creating it. - Kristen Anderson 

We're going to do a five concert series that will run every other Thursday starting April 8th...It's going to be a full-on concert production - sound, lighting, multiple camera angles. It's going to be a really professional production live on  Facebook and the YouTube livestream starting at 7:30pm. - Jordan Lindquist

I had to learn how to make things and make do with what was available... one day...he called me up and he said, “Lance, do you make stained glass lamps?” And I lied and I said, “Yes, John. I make stained glass lamps” and he says, “Well, I've got this commission for the Duluth Airport to do the ceiling fixtures and all the stained glass windows and they want some lamps and I don't do that. Would you be interested in doing the lamps? I'll give you access to the glass at my studio if you do them.” And I said, “well, that sounds great.” So I taught myself how to make stained glass lamps and they turned out pretty good. And that got me in the door... - Lance Heddan creates kind of a higher level thinker. It's tied to that scientific brain. It's been shown to relieve stress and help people with mental health and...there are so many ways to tie it into policy and to ingrain it into what we're doing as a city.  I'm really excited about what we can do going forward.  - Emelie Rivera, Bemidji City Council

Last year was phenomenal.   We had 960 gallons of sap and then that of course boiled down to 20+  gallons of syrup. I don't know what to expect this year... The frost isn't out of the ground yet, but we've already started boiling. It could be really big or it could...It could be one and done, one big run and then they shut down and and you have to stop collecting sap. - Mur Gilman

Bemidji Area Doctor Diane Pittman on COVID-19

Mar 31, 2020

On our extended hour of the Morning Show Heidi Holtan talks to Dr. Diane Pittman from True North Health Care in Bemidji about COVID-19.

Michael Lyons

This week Nana Boozhoo teaches us Shaynowishkung "The Man Who Rattles" - otherwise known as Chief Bemidji. 

Boozhoo Nana Boozhoo is a YouTube Ojibwe puppet podcast that you can NOW hear on KAXE/KBXE Monday Mornings at 7:20am. 

Peggy Stevens Photography

Lyn Rye challenged herself to write and record a demo of a song once a week. Instead of a pile of new songs, the work resulted in her latest album "Roots of Rye" which is available now. The band stopped by the studio to play a live set and talk about their midwest tour ending in Bemidji. Hear the whole conversation by clicking below.

Hear New Music with Kari Hedlund every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 2 and 10.

Mychal Stittsworth is owner and CEO of Stittsworth Meats in Bemidji. What began as a family-operated meat market in Nymore has grown and changed substantially under Mychal’s leadership. In the KAXE/KBXE Local Food interview below, we discovered that many of the changes in the Stittsworth business model reflect broader changes in the meat industry—in markets, on farms, in schools, and at grocery stores. Mychal Stittsworth grew up in the business and also trained as an engineer.

Bemidji Mayor Rita Albrecht joined us this morning to tell us more about the acknowledgment of Indigenous Peoples' Treaty Day in Bemidji.  We also featured Boozhoo Nana Boozhoo, Close to Home from the first Indigenous Peoples' Day in Grand Rapids as well a conversation with Kayla Aubid - Gallery Director at MacRostie Art Center in downtown Gr