Bagley MN

“It’s … a natural healing retreat center.  So, you go there and you’re unplugged…It’s a place where you can relax and unwind.”  - Marty Cobenais

“There is a beauty to a small town.  Sometimes there’s a frustration as well…Sometimes you have to make your own fun when you live in a small town, including arts and theater, which is what I love to do.” – Marilyn Hood

“We’re kind of a novel town.  We’re an older town…it was a logging town in the old days…We’re a fortunate town.  We’ve got two lumber yards, three places for people to go for physical therapy, we’ve got two clinics and still have the hospital…we’re really a fortunate town.”  – Sid Michael

Pamela Edevold

“You warm up, just like you would an instrument, and then you get going... and I paint until I just can’t see anymore.” Pamela Edevold

Slam storyteller, writer and journalist Ward Rubrecht was the first visiting writer in the Farm by the Lake's Storytelling Series which began yesterday and will continue until late March.  Ward spoke on the morning show last week about slam poetry and elements of a good story.  He even gave some editing tips.  Click on the link for the interview. 

The Storytelling Series takes place at the Bagley Public Library with each event beginning at 3pm.  Below is a schedule of visiting writers to come: 

January 28th: Dick Roue