Minnesota native Jim Brandenburg traveled the globe as a photographer for National Geographic for over 3 decades.  He’s been published nationally and internationally with many awards and honors including magazine photographer of the year 2x.


He’s published many bestselling books and has and continues to produces documentary films.

Keith Recker was our guest recently and we were fascinated by his new book and talking about COLOR!  Who knew it could be so interesting?  His book is "True Colors:  World Masters of Natural Dyes and Pigment". 

Youth in Radio Podcast...Michael Fitch

May 2, 2019

Michael Fitch of Grand Rapids produced the first Youth in Radio Podcast for KAXE/KBXE which will be aired Thursday mornings around 8:10 during the Morning Show. Fitch explores the relationship between music and arts education in young children. Hear the whole conversation below. 

The Youth in Radio Podcast is also available on and through iTunes. If you know someone who might want to make a podcast, send an email to

Grant Frashier

Donna Johnson, Executive Director of the Minnesota Discovery Center in Chisholm, is taking a unique approach to their gift shop with a call for local artists and crafts people.  Host Grant Frashier attended a recent meeting at the Iron Range Makerspace to learn about this opportunity.  

Grant Frashier

The Borealis Art Guild wants to revitalize the arts in Hibbing.  Grant Frashier talks with Director Shane Tramontin.