Area Voices

The Anishinaabe have always said that there's a choice between two paths. One is well-worn but scorched and the other is not well-worn and it's green. We're always told to be arduous in our choice upon which path to walk...I feel like at this moment in time, that's where we are. And this pipeline is really about that moment of what we want to do - for the water and for the future. So this story and this up to date, showing the commitment of people on the frontlines and the brutality that Enbridge has resorted to to put in a pipeline.

 I used to work digitally a lot... and I just realized that it was lacking like a hand made hand-done quality to what I was looking for. And so the style kind of emerged once I found the medium wash. And then from there, I've spent the last few years kind of working in this style and developing it. - Aimee Bouchard  

Marilyn Lee

Marilyn Lee is a woman of many talents.  She's a photographer, she's a quilter and embroidery artist who conducts online workshops, she's a collector of antique sewing machines and a lover of the outdoors.

John and Emily Enger own and operate Enger Grove, a predominantly online artisanal shop where customers can find a variety of handcrafted wood items including footstools, cutting boards, butcher block islands, furniture and even outdoor structures.  John creates the goods while Emily handles promoting his functional works of art via the online aspects of their business.  They stopped by the morning show recently to

...we spend a lot of financial capital on our spaces, whether it's a garage or house or a spare room we never use or a beautiful living room set that we bought that's now cluttered with stuff that we don't really need, use or love...I think we're such a busy society that we need to have space to come back to at the end of a long day or when we need to do some processing or we need to square stuff away that is safe and comfortable and loving for us. ..And if it's cluttered, full of stuff that we're keeping because we feel guilty not getting rid of it, then you're just adding to the angst in your head and you don't really have that space. - Tammy Schotzko, Professional Organizer

Blair Treuer's textile exhibit "Portraits" opens tomorrow night (Friday) at the Watermark Art Center in Bemidji.  A collection of large-scale images depicting her nine children, her husband and herself, her work uses thousands of small pieces of fabric as her pallete.  A kaleidoscope of color illuminating the spirit of each of her subjects, this dreamy, textural, visual experience of an exhibit was born from the unique spiritual journey of Blair and her family.    

Trout Unlimited Chapter 642 Facebook Page

Trout Unlimited is a national organization that was created to perpetuate cold water fisheries, and cold water fisheries particularly means... it's cold enough to sustain trout…And right now with global warming we have a transition happening which is a major concern for Trout Unlimited as the temperature rises a degree or two in streams that are already critical for supporting trout. So the area that will support trout in 50 years may only be half the area that it is today. So it's a big deal.  – Charlie Parson, Trout Unlimited Chapter 642

 I...wanted to showcase our resilience...and our sustainability... my focus was on the plants... all these spirits, all these plants all have a virtue that are meant to help us.  And they're all either food or medicine or both. - Vern Northrup discussing his exhibit, Akinomaage

…I think that’s one of the fun things about this whole endeavor that I’ve been on. Different people. Different materials. Different designs. It’s just really kind of fun.... and they're not my customers, they're my friends. - Michael Kelsey

All of our staff here are very passionate about our animals and we want what's best for them.  We want them to have happiness at the end of this. - Jennifer Lee, Babinski Foundation