Area Voices

The Watermark Art Center in Bemidji has a new exhibit opening today, a photography exhibit celebrating the kids and their animals who came in last at their county fair competitions back in 2016.  RJ Kern's The Unchosen Ones is an unusual photographic social experiment that has resulted in a series of  large-scale images (43" x 53") that are personal, majestic, and humble.  His master-manipulation of light in a non-studio atmosphere creates  a photographic style reminiscent of Eu

Springboard for the Arts is a nonprofit that has been helping artists with the business of art for more than 40 years.  From workshops focused on pertinent topics such as grantwriting, pricing, and legal considerations, Springboard has long-provided training and education on a wide range of business topics related specifically to the business of being a professional artist.   Covid-19 has presented artists with a particular challenge to their business, the challenge of people not being able to be out enjoying theater or music

There’s not one way into addiction and there’s not one way into recovery... This is about building a life for yourself again.  There is a life after recovery and it’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, it’s good if you have supports and resources…This disease puts us in a cage.  So really, it’s about teaching people to take those bars down for themselves. - Margot Kelsey

Every First Friday, our Area Voices producer Katie Carter gives us an idea of what's going on in Bemidji, Brainerd and other communities in our listening area.  Today she told us about a Thomas Stillday's beadwork exhibit at the Watermark Art Center in Bemidji,  events happening at the Crossing Arts Alliance in Brainerd and she discussed a new show at the Lyric Center for the Arts in Virginia. 

Ever first Friday of the month we connect with Betty First from the Ely Folk School. She educates us on the upcoming classes and workshops happening at the school.  Ceramics, blacksmithing, stained glass and ukranian eggs are all on the horizon.  The Folk School is always on the lookout for people who are interested in teaching classes.  Connect with Betty if you would like to share your expertise at the folk school!  

Serenity Barden

On the first Friday of every month we connect with Katie Marshall from the MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids. She lets us know about the First Friday events, new exhibits and music around Grand Rapids.  March is National Youth Art Month and that will be celebrated around Grand Rapids.

Stories of a great aunt traveling by train from northern Minnesota to the Twin Cities to attend demonstrations and lectures dedicated to the women's suffrage movement inspired Jane Peck to take a closer look at the role of Nordic women in the 19th Amendment.  She's created a one women theatrical experience that brings her great aunt's story to life as well as the powerful stories of Clara Ueland, Bertha Moller and Nanny Mattson Jaeger who were dedicated to the cause of equal rights and women's right to vote. 

One of the biggest things for artists is putting yourself out there.  Is it going to sell? Are people going to like it? Is it too weird? ... The beautiful thing is, when it is "too weird," makes it interesting. - Shelly Nelson, Brainerd Jewelry Artist

Cari Ebert is a nationally recognized pediatric speech-language pathologist, an early intervention specialist,  apaxia specialist, an autism mom, a public speaker, and an author.

Drama will essentially be pulled out of hats this weekend in Bemidji! Five playwrights, five directors, 20 actors, a handful of musicians and a select group of lights, props and behind the scenes theater elves will convene for Out of the Hat - a one of a kind theatrical experience that will take the stage at 7:30pm Saturday evening at the Chief Theater in downtown Bemidji.