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Tony Powers' artwork can be seen in many places around the Brainerd area.  His tattoos and body art decorate  droves of people while his vibrant  murals have breathed life into several locations including a car wash, the American Legion, a skateboard shop, and the Crossing Arts Alliance.  In this Area Voices segment,  we learn about his newest mural projects at the Crossing Arts Alliance and his journey as an artist.

Gaelynn Lea Visits with Katie Carter

May 1, 2020

Gaelynn Lea talks with Katie Carter on the extended hour of the Morning Show.  Gaelynn is a singer, violinist, public speaker and disability advocate from Duluth.  She shares ways that her and her family are getting through the stay at home order.  Gaelynn talks about how disabled people are effected and often misunderstood during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can hear Gaelynn Lea's virtual concerts weekly on Sundays at 2:00.  For more information go to

...there's a lot of innovative and exciting approaches that, quite honestly, youth are driving...the younger generation is so keyed in on our responsibilities, we're seeing some amazing efforts to protect and preserve our our environment and understand the interconnectedness and relatedness...I get hope...from seeing's an amazing thing. - Dr. Anna Carlson

Cecelia Wattles McKeig

Cecelia McKeig has been passionate about local history for as long as she can remember.  She's written several books about area locales such as Remer, Federal Dam, the Bemidji Poor Farm and Bena.  She's currently been working on a book about the history of resorts on Cass Lake that will be published this summer.  Since Covid-19 has changed our lives, she's been entertaining social media fans with her "On the Street Where you Live" posts on the "You might be from Bemidji, MN....." Facebook page.  Sharing interesti

Brigid's Pub FB

Since Covid has eliminated opportunities for entertainment, Mary Overlie found herself missing live music,  local musicians and open mic nights.  She's created a virtual experience called Songcatchers to satisfy her cravings...

I just love beadwork - Thomas Stillday

...the first language speakers are the ones that are elderly and they're passing on to the next world, so it's a  scary time for a lot of a lot of tribal nations to try to scramble to figure out what to do. So there's a lot of amazing work going on right now in language revitalization. You'll see it more and more in schools. - Erika Bailey-Johnson

During today's extended hour of morning show programming poetry, art and nature were topics of consideration and conversation... here are poems by Marsh Muirhead and Carol Ann Russell as well as an Area Voices piece from the vault about poet Erin Marsh.  

Marsh Muirhead: 

Carol Ann Russell

Area Voices: Erin Marsh

The Crossing Arts Alliance has been brainstorming ways to create opportunities for arts access during times of social isolation.  Online art classes  and creativity kits for families in need are just two of the ideas Executive Director Lisa Jordan and her team have come up with.   Lisa spoke with Katie Carter about how the Crossing Arts Alliance is creating communtiy connections and how organizations in Brainerd and Baxter joined forces to p

The Reif Center and the MacRostie Art Center connected with ICTV to make  First Friday happen despite  people's inability to visit the galleries.  Everyone is invited to watch a first ever virtual First Friday celebration in Grand Rapids.  You can find it on ICTV Facebook and Youtube channels as well as Mediacom 2 & 7 and Paul Buny