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We spoke with artist John Pearson earlier this month about his photography exhibit on display at the Watermark Art Center in Bemidji.   He educated us on the photogravure process,  his journey as an photographer and artist, how story is captured in each moment of photography and of course his Invisible Valley collection on display at the Watermark. 

Listen to the full interview here: 

Everyone’s had trauma in their life.  There is hope on the other side of grief. There’s opportunity when you process change.  Without change you wouldn’t be alive.  – Matthew Sanford

John Erickson

We talked with Theater Director Amy Borash from Brainerd this morning about the importance of the arts, ESPECIALLY in a time of COVID-19.  Creativity keeps us going. 

She explains the precautions for the cast and crew and the people coming to see the events on the South Lawn of the Brainerd campus of Central Lakes College - July 20-23rd and August 3rd-6th.

...In this heightened sense of anxiety, this heightened sense of the unknown...we don't have a clear vision of the future and we need to hold that close and give ourselves more space, more time, more patience ... giving ourselves grace and remembering that there's so much going on right now... we just really need to be kinder to ourselves... because of all the factors happening in our world.  It's extra important to slow down, to give ourselves space to just be and to just process everything that's going on.    And as parents, give our children that space to process... when you're seeing more behaviors from your children or even within yourself or other family members, remember that there are just so many more charged emotions in our world that affect how we are able to regulate ourselves, how we're able to handle different situations...A good first step is to slow down and give yourself and your loved ones a little bit more space. – Chelsea Ottman Rak, Peacemakers Resources

Sarah Stonich originally released her book Fishing with RayAnne under the psuedonym Ava Finch.  It's recently been re-released as simply Fishing!

Mark and Amanda Haugen began their second summer as owners of Fox Lake Campground near Bemidji recently.  Just before Covid-19 took over our lives, Katie Carter interviewed them to find out  how they got into the resort business and what life is like as resort owners. In this extended interview, Katie  re-connects with Amanda to discuss how Covid-19 changed things for them and their patrons year.  

My grandmother was pregnant with my mother. The father, the man who impregnated her, was 35 years old. She was 15. She's the one who served this six year sentence. -Sheila O'Connor

Sheila O’Connor’s grandmother’s story was the impetus behind her new book Evidence of V: A Novel in Fragments, Facts and Fictions.

Writing can be very solitary. Most often it's a very solitary endeavor and a writing conference can give you community and a sense of being in a community, being among people who are endeavoring on the same path as you are... you get those nuts and bolts, craft things, those little things you didn't understand about the craft of writing... and then there's that organism that is the workshop and then there's the greater organism of the learn things with everyone. - Sean Hill, Poet and MN Northwoods Writers Conference Director

Experienced nurses that are able to deal with COVID, we're a finite resource and we're not to be taken lightly...This whole concept of any nurse being disciplined for merely fighting for the safety of their patients and themselves is unacceptable. - Mary Turner, President, MN Nurses Association

Nurses from Bemidji, Bagley and Thief River Falls joined forces (with safe social distancing of course) to express concern about working conditions yesterday. 

2020 is an extraordinary year, especially for local high school seniors.  They are experiencing something no one has gone through before:  celebrating and honoring their education in a world of social distancing.  Do you know a graduating senior?  We'd love to talk with them!  Email us. 

Britta Aas graduates from Bemidji High School this weekend.   She spoke on the morning show about how Covid has affected her senior year and the lessons she's gleaned during these times.