Area Voices

We don't just treat COVID patients… a lot of times they come in with other things… they come in with congestive heart failure… acute renal failure… they need dialysis. They just so happened to have COVID. So…the level of care is different. - Ashley Hudson

Ashley Hudson worked as a COVID responder in New York City this spring and is Miami now.  Approach and care in terms of dealing with the virus are changing.  Hudson spoke on the morning show about her work and what she and other medical professionals have learned along the way. 

Each story during "these times" is similar.  How do we reimagine what we once used to do?

Area voices tell us the arts, culture and history stories of northern Minnesota, and this past week we have been living a flashpoint moment in American history. George Floyd, also known as Big Floyd, was a father, a brother, a partner, and a friend to many.  According to those closest to him, he was passionate about keeping the peace. His killing on the street at the corner of 38th and Chicago Ave in Minneapolis blew the lid off of racial tension in our communities, our state, our country.

When you tune into KAXE/KBXE you hear about local arts in the communities of northern MN.

Bemidji Community Theater opened their production of Annie last Friday.  We spoke with stage manager Kristine Cannon about the production, the ways Bemidji Community Theater is giving back to the community and the many positive ways community theater affects those involved. 

"Water has no political religious or ethnic identity. We have relationships with water based on beliefs needs and appreciation. Emotions such as joy, sorrow, fear, love and prayer are responses we have to water...but water has been shown to respond to what we do what we say and it's here to take care of us." - Karen Goulet, Director of the Miikanan Gallery

“We can explain the achievement gap before kids get to kindergarten” – Layna Cole, Associate Professor, Bemidji State University.