Area Voices

"I do a lot of mental snapshots.  I'll look up, see something, go back down and paint it and try to capture them that gets more expressive the faster I go, I find.  And then I don't think as much.  I just go with more of the feeling and try to get those brush strokes just as fast as I can on there...that's when cool things really happen." - Nate Luetgers on live-painting bands.  

TigerLion Arts, a professional theater group based in Minneapolis will bring Nature: A Walking Play to both Puposky and Ely this month.  The production takes audiences on a walking adventure through the meadows of northern Minnesota while showcasing the friendship between transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.  The experience

Deathtrap is a dark comedy coming to the Reif Center in Grand Rapids.  Auditions are tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday morning… We spoke with director Steve Jaeger about the play, what he’s looking for in terms of actors (5 actors – 1 mature female, 1 female aged mid 20s-mid 50s, 1 younger male – early to mid 20s, and 2 mature males), what auditions are like. Everyone is welcome to audition, with or without acting experience!

Steve also tells us about the excitement and thrill of directing and being in theater that keeps him coming back for more.   

"We're all about communication, compassion, and's putting the value of the other individual and the relationship that we have with them at the center. It's more so about building community- building a sense of trust, honoring another person and their good intentions even when conflict may arise.

We check in with Betty Firth from the Ely Folk School every First Friday to find out what will be happening during the month.  From Chaga mushroom classes to beading to a walking theater production, there is a ton to get involved in this month in Ely!