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...we know that pollinators are really important to ecosystem health. They not only keep up the plants in our local community in lots of different ways by moving around to the flowers, but they also pollinate...when we go into grocery story, the produce section wouldn't be possible without pollinators... pollinators are the ones that make that happen. - Erika Bailey-Johnson

...  Making films and doing commercials takes a lot of energy and a lot of coordination.  To put that energy into something that I really believe in and really speaks to my children... that definitely made a difference.  It was more rewarding... - David Brandvik

"Moving beyond protest and into policy, and looking toward progress...We want action and change... It's not just about Mr. George Floyd.  It's about all of the George Floyds and it's about what else can be done...We want to continue the conversation in social change so we can make America great for the first time...We need police.  We  also need severe police reform... We have to step back and consider what really needs to change. " - Juanita Reopelle, Project for Change

...most of the time, it's just making the mark and being expressive....I try to see the character in the marks that I'm making on the canvas and work from there...usually it kind of reveals itself to me in some way... - Quinton Decker on getting inspiration thru his artistic process

The 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution gave women the right to vote.  It was ratified on August 18, 1920 and put into law on August 26th, 1920.  On the 100th anniversary of the ratification, Cate Belleveau joined the morning show to discuss the history of the women’s vote, the struggles that women (and male allies) endured trying to make it a reality, and considers what the original suffragists might think of where things are at today and how people view their right to vote in modern times.

 Springboard for the Arts is a community and economic development organization based in St.

Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College begin classes Monday, August 24th.   This will be the first time both campuses will have students in attendance since this past March when in an effort to flatten the COVID-19 curve, students simply did not return after spring break.  Colleges and universities across the country are grappling with the safest ways to provide quality educational experiences during the pandemic.

The Bemidji Sings! competition happens Thursday, August 6th at 7pm.  We spoke with Headwaters Music and Arts executive director Tricia Andrews about how the contest is happening virtually this year.  Everyone is welcome to hop on the Headwaters YouTube channel to watch the big event unfold!  Tricia also discussed upcoming events at Headwaters including a jam band camp and a special event Saturday, August 22nd that allows kids and families to learn more about what the school offers and get signed up for classes and activities. 

Tessa Beck is the Gallery Director at the Nemeth Art Center in Park Rapids.  She spoke on the morning show recently about the Nemeth's delayed opening due to Covid-19,  the current, collaborative exhibit Of Course, Where Else, and how the Nemeth is thinking outside the box in terms of programming, artist receptions, virtual exhibits, and more. 

We spoke with artist John Pearson earlier this month about his photography exhibit on display at the Watermark Art Center in Bemidji.   He educated us on the photogravure process,  his journey as an photographer and artist, how story is captured in each moment of photography and of course his Invisible Valley collection on display at the Watermark. 

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