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Festival Rialto

  • Wild Horses is headlining the Festival Rialto at Rapids Brewing Co. on Saturday, June 4th. Ahead of the festival, the band stopped by the KAXE studio in Grand Rapids and played a special live, in-studio set. Click the player above to listen to the whole set and get yourself thoroughly excited for the Festival on Saturday.
  • On Saturday, June 4th, Grand Rapids band Wild Horses, is headlining Festival Rialto. The all-day festival features bands from around northern Minnesota (and beyond), and will take place at Rapids Brewing Co. in downtown Grand Rapids, MN. To learn more about how the festival came to be and why live music is served best with cold beer, Heidi Holtan and Kari Hedlund were joined in the studio by Bill Martinetto, General Manager at Rapids Brewing, and three members of the Wild Horses: Jed, Arianna, and JJ. Click the player at the top of the page to hear the entire conversation.
  • Sugar on the Roof is playing the Festival Rialto in Grand Rapids on June 4th at Rapids Brewery, and will be playing alongside Wild Horses, Mike Munson, Superior Siren, and LaPlant Road. Sugar is made up of Megan, Jefferson, and Clancy, who stopped by to talk with Brett Carter on KAXE/KBXE's Minnesota music show, Center Stage Minnesota. Click the player above if you'd like to hear the whole conversation.