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Cook Area Farmers' Market Set to Open In a New, Safe Way

Kelly Dahl
Cook Area Farmers' Market Pre-Covid-19

The Cook Area Farmers Market is set to open Saturday, June 20. This year’s market will be different due to the Global Pandemic. They are committed to continuing to provide the Cook community with fresh local produce and other local products this summer, but in a slightly different way so they can keep their friends and neighbors safe.

Kelly Dahl is the market president. He and his wife Liz own Aspen Falls Farm on the Little Fork River near Cook. Kelly talked with Maggie Montgomery on the Wednesday Morning Show (full conversation below).

In a recent press release, Kelly said, “These are challenging times for everyone, to say the least. Because of COVID-19, the Cook Area Farmers Market will open, taking pre-orders only, which will be distributed Saturdays from 10-Noon at the Gazebo in the Cook City Park on River Street next to City Hall. Masks are encouraged, and there will be signs to remind people to remain six feet apart.

How will this work? The vendors will be using many avenues to advertise what they have and taking pre-orders. Vendors will list available goods on a website called Local Line at: https://www.localline.ca/aspen-falls-farm-1. The site is accessible via smart phone, tablet, laptop or home computer.

“To order, you can just peruse the catalog, register by establishing an account with an email address and contact information, just like every other website. You will receive a weekly catalog by email, and must order no later than Thursday. Pickup will be Saturdays from 10 – Noon at the Gazebo in the Cook City Park, on River Street-the main street of Cook.

“Many vendors will have their products or contact information posted on the Cook Area Farmers Market Facebook page or their personal Facebook pages for those who would rather not use the Local Line website. You can call, email or message vendors to order. Some may wish to use Local Line to see what’s available, but contact a vendor directly to place orders. Again orders must be placed by Thursday so vendors can have time to assemble customer packages for Saturday.

Stay tuned to the Market’s Facebook page for further information throughout the summer: https://www.facebook.com/COOK-AREA-FARMERS-MARKET-121569487872516/.

“Think of it as a CSA, except, instead of a box of what is available, you get exactly what you want every week; plus wonderful soaps, roasted coffee, honey, jams, salsa, garlic, crafts and more, if you wish.

“To reduce contact and make distributions go more smoothly, exact change or checks written to the vendors from whom you order is appreciated. Checks should be written to the owners of the farms, as opposed to the name of the farm.

“Have questions about a product? Well, Local Line has a message feature to send questions directly to the vendors. Vendor information may be posted on the Market Facebook page; customers can message the Market or vendors directly through their individual Facebook pages.

“The members of the Market will sorely miss the fantastic social aspect of a weekly open air Market. However, to protect our community, nursing home residents, healthcare resources and each other, an open Market crowded with folks from all over the country, is just not possible at this time. The Market is committed, however, to serve everyone with fresh, local produce and goods in this manner, until such time we can proceed more normally. The Market is monitoring how others are opening and the effort required to operate otherwise, and will continue to do so throughout the summer. Until then, sign up for the catalog and shop away!”


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