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Kelliher Students Win $5000 for Sustainability Video

Accepting the winning prize at the St. Paul Saints game (that's Cede in the middle)

Kelliher High School students recently submitted a video they created to the District Energy  “Your Big Idea for a Sustainable Minnesota” video contest.  The competition required Minnesota students in grades 6-12 to create video, no longer than three minutes, promoting sustainability and sharing their vision of a better Minnesota.  In creating the short films, students had to consider how their video would inspire and educate others and also why their idea would help their community be more sustainable.  The Kelliher video was a hit and won the competition, garnering a $5,000 gift for Kelliher Public School from District Energy!

Cede Waldo produced the winning video with fellow students Dorian Prentice, Jordan Ufford and Evan Waldo.   The focus of invasive species and their impact on the lakes of northern Minnesota was a natural fit for the project.  Kelliher students have spent considerable time learning about the topic and putting their new knowledge into action.  The school has partnered with the Red Lake Department of Natural Resources to raise awareness of the invasive species.  In recent years, students have implemented fabrication methods including digital modeling and 3D printing to create both giant and life size spiny waterfleas that accompany informational display cases in their school. They’ve even created video games that educate players on zebra mussels and spiny waterfleas.  Invasive species are a big deal to these kids.

In the video, Cede explains the detrimental effects of invasive species and educates viewers on ways they can stop the spread of various species.  She suggests simple, accessible actions like cleaning boats thoroughly, using local bait and taking time to educate yourself and others on the various invasive species in Minnesota lakes.

In this segment of Area Voices, Cede discusses the project, why invasive species are a matter of significant importance to her and more.  

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