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New book recommendations from children’s librarian Tracy Kampa

Book covers of new children's books and an image of a woman reading to a young child.
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Children's librarian Tracy Kampa reviews new books for What We're Reading.

Grand Rapids Area Library children's librarian Tracy Kampa reviews and recommends new children's books for "What We're Reading."

New books from authors Nicola Davies, Kate DiCamillo and Anna Rose Johnson are among the latest books recommended by Tracy Kampa, children’s librarian at the Grand Rapids Area Library.

On a recent installment of What We’re Reading, Kampa reviewed and recommended a new picture book and three middle grade books.

Nicola Davies’s Green: the story of plant life on our planet (illustrated by Emily Sutton) tells readers how green plants promote and protect life on earth. In this book Davies explains how the release of carbon dioxide is creating climate change. Kampa called Green “a literary nugget of gold…It presents information in a way that is not only accessible, but beautiful as well.”

Kampa additionally praised Allie Millington’s middle grade book Olivetti, a story about a witty typewriter and an introverted boy, calling it “a great story with a very original premise.”

Minnesota writer Kate DiCamillo is back with a new novel called Ferris. In this story DiCamillo wondrously melds love, family, racoons and vocabulary words. Kampa said, “There is no better character author than Kate DiCamillo.”

In Anna Rose Johnson’s new book, The Luminous Life of Lucy Landry, Kampa met her new favorite book character. According to Kampa, Lucy Landry is “a cross between Ramona Quimby and Anne Shirley—they have the best intentions, usually, but things tend to get a bit out of hand.” The story takes place in a lighthouse on Lake Superior.

"A cross between Ramona Quimby and Anne Shirley."
Children's librarian Tracy Kampa describing Anna Rose Johnson's new character Lucy Landry

You can find Kampa’s latest recommendations at your local library or bookstore.

Picture books:
· Green: the story of plant life on our planet, written by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Emily Sutton.

Chapter books:
· Olivetti, by Allie Millington;
· Ferris, by Kate DiCamillo; and
· The Luminous Life of Lucy Landry, by Anna Rose Johnson.

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