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Minn. writer Jimenez's new novel celebrates second chances

Book cover for Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez (left) and and photo of author Abby Jimenez (right)
Ryan LaPlante
Author Abby Jimenez

Yours Truly is romance writer Abby Jimenez's new novel.

Abby Jimenez is a busy woman.

Not only is she a New York Times bestselling romance author and Minnesota Book Award winner, but she’s also a Food Network champion where her bakery Nadia Cakes has won several competitions. And her dogs Tess and Stuntman Mike are huge social media celebrities.

Jimenez's books are very popular; there’s plenty of romance, wit and humor. She also lets readers really get to know the characters. Their emotional challenges and sensitive issues are treated with honesty and empathy.

Her new novel is called Yours Truly. It tells the story of two people, who after a terrible first impression, get a second chance to get to know each other. In fact, Yours Truly is full of second chances and this makes it a warm, witty and inviting read with a satisfying ending.

"It was really important for me with the platform I have with these books to educate the public."
Abby Jimenez

On a personal note, Jimenez was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2020, and her experience informed a part of the story. One of her side characters experiences kidney failure and receives a donation from one of her main characters.

When Jimenez discovered that she might need a kidney transplant, she learned that the average wait for a donation is seven years.

"It was really important for me with the platform I have with these books to educate the public," she said, noting people can donate a kidney while alive and still live healthy lives on their other kidney.

Jimenez recovered without needing a transplant and is in full remission. For more information on kidney donations, visit the National Kidney Foundation.

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