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Album of the Week: 'Singles, Vol. 2' by Little Fevers

A photo of two kids. One is holding a red balloon and the other is wearing a cardboard t-rex costume. There is a white boarder around them that says "Little Fevers" and "Singles, Vol. 2" in the upper left corner.
Little Fevers
Little Fevers released Singles Vol. 2 on May 31, 2024.

With Lucy Michelle's catchy and heartfelt songwriting at the forefront, Minneapolis band Little Fevers is in fine form on its new EP.

Singles, Vol. 2 is the indie-pop group's third release, following albums in 2015 and 2019. In between, Michelle also released a solo album Womanly in 2023.

The Minnesota musician joined "Centerstage Minnesota" Oct. 27, 2023.

The EP opens with the melancholic "Waiting Place," where Michelle's lyrics conjure up feelings of being stuck in one place while time slowly crawls by. Paul Puleo's (Knife World and Southside Desire) country-tinged guitar adds to the vibe while Eamon Mclain (Trampled by Turtles) and Geoff Freeman (Lucy Michelle) set the pace on bass and drums.

Time is again on the mind on "Gimme Time," where Michelle is asking for her lover's time. The chorus is simple, forlorn and beautiful, with another band member providing the perfect harmony for Michelle's voice.

"You Know I Wouldn't Go" picks up the pace with Puleo's intro riff recalling the summery '90s alt-rock of The Sundays. The mood is hopeful with the promise of adventures with a loved one taking the mind off chores and a dirty house.

Every one of the EP's six tracks are catchy guitar-pop gems, but the sound is never repetitive. They keep it fresh by varying moods and drawing from different eras of indie-rock.

Must listens

  • "Waiting Place"
  • "Gimme Time"
  • "Baby's Baby's"
  • "You Know I Wouldn't Go"
  • "Grass Grow"
  • "Male Truck"
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