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Album of the Week: 'Welcome Home, Kid' by Jordan Mackampa

Jordan Mackampa is seen walking through a red doorway into a brick building with a banner over it saying, 'Welcome Home, Kid'.
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Jordan Mackampa's sophomore album, Welcome Home, Kid

"Welcome Home, Kid" by Jordan Mackampa is KAXE's Album of the Week for Feb. 26-March 3, 2024.

There is something about growing older that gives you freedom.

In Jordan Mackampa's second album, Welcome Home, Kid, that freedom is palpable for the 29-year-old. Trusting himself was a big part of the process in writing this album. The songs are autobiographical and revealing while maintaining a playful quality.

Dear inner child our work is overdue
So I'm sorry that it took so long
You tried to call, but my phone was on silent
Jordan Mackampa in 'Proud of You'

That playfulness is very much intentional as Mackampa is a strong advocate of not only speaking to our inner children as adults, but letting them out, giving them some space. He approaches his younger self with honesty, compassion, love and admiration in songs like "Proud of You."

Born in the Congo, Mackampa moved to the UK with his mom at a very young age. This second album addresses his experience growing up as an immigrant, and how that has impacted who he is today.

In "Friends You've Made," Mackampa takes a look at friendships from the past and how they change over time. He notes with age, comes the realization that you need to surround yourself with friends that serve AND deserve you.

Even in the vulnerable and revealing songs, there is a joy throughout Welcome Home, Kid. That joy exudes on songs like "Blaccjack the Mac" and "Step by Step."

Mackampa's roots are in funk, soul, gospel and hip-hop, and he uses them all to tell his unique story.

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