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Album of the Week: Smalltown Stardust by King Tuff

King Tuff - Smalltown Stardust.jpg
Album art for Smalltown Stardust by King Tuff, available now.

Smalltown Stardust is the Album of the Week March 3-9, 2023

King Tuff is a project of songwriter Kyle Thomas, who hails from a small town in Vermont.

While 2020 brought a lot to the surface (emotions, societal shortages, dysfunctional systems, depression), it also helped us take stock of what we have. In that awakening, there is some magic.

Kyle Thomas, songwriter behind the project King Tuff, felt a sense that, "This is who I want to be. This is what I want to share." Through that sensation, he began work on "Smalltown Stardust" with his roommate and fellow musician, Sasami (Thomas also shares the house with Meg Duffy, also known as Hand Habits).

Co-written and co-produced with Sasami, Smalltown Stardust includes a lot of reflection about Thomas’ growing up experience in a small town, along with spiritual connections and a topic every album needs, "Love Letters to Plants." One of the sweetest moments in the album is "A Meditation," which features a home recording of Thomas as an 8-year-old, trying his hand at leading a meditation.

Listen to KAXE to hear more from our album of the week, Smalltown Stardust.

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