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Christy Merry channels her late grandma Doree on new EP

 A black and white photo of a man and woman in the front seat of a car. It appears to be take in the 1930's or 40's.
Christy Merry
Christy Merry's grandma Doree on her wedding day.

The Minnesota musician’s new EP is inspired by the music her grandma would have sung.

 A woman posing. She is looking across the camera field of view.
Christy Merry is a Minneapolis-based musician.

MINNEAPOLIS — It can be difficult to match stories of grandparents in their younger days with the version of them you knew.

For Minneapolis-based singer/songwriter Christy Merry, that moment happened when her mother told her that Grandma Doree “used to sing over the dishes like one of the greats.”

“I had never really seen that during the time that I knew my grandma,” said Merry, speaking on Centerstage Minnesota, “so that was exciting to me.”

Exciting enough that the musician decided to release an EP of music in tribute to the grandma she never saw, titled Doree & the Dishes. 

For the sound of the EP, Merry looked to the time period in which her mother’s story would have taken place.

 The artwork for Christy Merry's "Doree & the Dishes" EP, featuring a drawing of the back of a woman who is holding a plate. There is a microphone to her left.
Minneapolis-based musician Christy Merry's "Doree & the Dishes" EP artwork.

“I imagined they were kind of jazzy,” Merry said. “She was doing this singing back in the ‘50s or so.” Working with songs she had previously wrote, Merry chose the ones best suited to a “retro jazz” feel.

For the complete Centerstage Minnesota interview, plus snippets of two songs from the EP, listen above.

Centerstage Minnesota, Fridays at 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. on KAXE/KBXE, is made possible by the citizens of Minnesota through the Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund. 

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