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Question of the week: What's on your summer bucket list?

A family enjoys a bike ride at Rotary Riverside Park in Brainerd. There's an adult and a child on bikes riding toward the camera. It's a sunny summer day, with green trees and plants bordering a paved bike trail.
Lorie Shaull
Special to KAXE
A family enjoys a bike ride at Rotary Riverside Park in Brainerd.

Stories from you are at the core of KAXE, and have kept us going since 1976. Sharing stories makes us human and helps us understand each other in a sometimes isolated world.

Share your stories with us!

It may already be July, but there is still plenty of time this summer to enjoy the region or get some projects finished. What do you want to make sure you fit in? What are you hoping to accomplish?

Five women stand together in front of a large carved troll in Detroit Lakes.
Bonnie Lundorff
Bonnie Lundorff and her sisters visited the supersized trolls in Detroit Lakes in June of 2024. The trolls were created by Danish recycling artist Thomas Dambo.

What's on your summer bucket list?

Here's what we heard:

Jen from Shevlin said she hopes to find and pick a ridiculous amount of wild blueberries!

 Two pink lady-slipper orchids, with bright pink slippers
Lorie Shaull
Special to KAXE
Two pink Lady's Slipper orchids are seen at the Warren Nelson Memorial Bog within the Sax-Zim Bog southeast of Hibbing.

Tom said, "Catch a fish!"

Kari said she hopes not to fill up her social calendar.

Listeners in Brainerd are planning a trip to Detroit Lakes to see the giant trolls. Bonnie texted the KAXE Morning Show with photos of her and her sisters and explained each troll is named and has a story about how they make the world a better place. She definitely recommends the trip and said to look for the 36-foot-tall skinny troll named Long Leif.

Some people have projects to get done in the summer, like Jennifer who said she needs to paint some trim on her house and deal with some damp carpet in the basement after the heavy rainfalls this summer.

Heidi said she wants to actually make jam from her huge raspberry patch.

Chelsey wrote, "I hope to reach the end of the summer satisfied with how much quality time I was able to spend with my loved ones enjoying the outdoors and tending to our little hobby farm."

Mary wants to get to a Minnesota Lynx game this summer.

Megan said, "This will be my first year home for the entirety of the summer, so I hope to get a great harvest out of my garden."

Steve wrote, "I hope to establish a regular exercise schedule that I can stay on top of!"

And another listener suggested seeing the Showy Lady's Slipper orchids at the Northland Arboretum in Brainerd.

What do you want to do with your summer? Let us know!

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