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Opera This Friday and Saturday at BSU!

I grew up as a farm kid in North Dakota and there wasn't a lot of opera…It just wasn't as widespread...I saw opera on TV…on a Saturday when I was 17 years old , and I thought, 'oh, my gosh, that's it!' It was football on stage. It was athletic… impressive… beautiful, and it was masculine and feminine…at the same time… the heightened everything… and now I've been teaching it for quite a while and directing shows…And so I want to continue that. Bring it to the northwoods, bring it all over the place, and just get people excited about it. – Cory Renbarger, BSU Professor of Music

Bemidji State University’s Opera Nights are an opportunity to get fancy and experience the power that is the art of opera. BSU Professor Cory Renbarger and students Hailee Colgrove and Emily Hixon discuss the art of opera and what to expect at the opera nights in this Area Voices…

You push yourself to the max and then say, ‘you know what? I want to go a little bit farther,’ just like any other athlete…So that's what kind of differentiates it. It kind of brings in all the art forms, and it heightens things to such a degree that it puts such demands on the singer that… You have to be prepared as an athlete and an artist… You'll hear languages, all kinds of languages in the show… also there's jazz in this show, there's Broadway, there's opera. We are trying to truly encompass a little bit of everything for everyone and show off the voices that we have. Cory Renbarger, BSU Professor of Music

The registration deadline for meal choice has passed, but for information about attending BSU’s Opera Night,visit the BSU website!

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