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Erin Lynn Marsh and the Neurotic Side of Love

Bemidji poet publishes 2nd Collection!

I thought to myself…what if I really just lost my mind? What would I do? What are some things I would do? So then I just started writing from there…I think it's kind of a funny collection because people do weird things. – Erin Lynn Marsh

Erin Lynn Marsh’s poetry collection I May Never Be Able to Stop Writing Love Poems considers the a neurotic side of falling in love… from sending fingernail clippings on a trip with a loved one to creating origami dolls in the shape of a lover, her subject holds some obsessive tendencies for sure. In this Area Voices segment, Erin shares pieces from the book and discusses the inspiration behind the collection, her writing style, and how she hopes readers receive her new collection.

I just hope that…people read it and enjoy it and see the humor in it. I hope it normalizes, a little bit …that we all have neurotic thoughts and things that go on in our minds. We don't act on them or talk about them, but they happen to all of us in our heads. – Erin Lynn Marsh

I May Never Be Able to Stop Writing Love Poems is Marsh’s second collection of poetry following her first book Disability Isn’t Sexy. Both collections are available online and in local bookstores.

Erin will be reading from her new collection at Sisyphus Brewing in Minneapolis this Wednesday, June 15th as part of the Poets and Pints Third Wednesday events.

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