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Thirteen: Nonconformity

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Alice Blessing's portrait series celebrates diversity and coming of age

I hope it is kind of a call to arms for representation, because diversity is so important and in our culture which I believe is white supremacist and patriarchal …I just want people who are not marginalized to realize the effect that their work and their emotional lives have on those people who are marginalized…That's what I'm really hoping for with this series. - Alice Blessing

Alice Blessing ’s newest portrait exhibit Thirteen: Nonconformity began as study of feminism and girls coming of age in a patriarchal society. It evolved into something much more nuanced when her own child came out as non-binary. The show now addresses intersectionality, gender, representation, and diversity all while celebrating children’s individuality.

The public is invited to the exhibit opening tonight, December 3, from 5-7pm at the Watermark Art Center. Thirteen: Nonconformity will be on show thru February.

Katie is our Area Voices producer.