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Continuing the Conversation: Critical Race Theory

Magie Baumgartner discusses reacting constructively to being called a racist and the expansive educational experience of Critical Race Theory.

Am I afraid of being called a racist? I'm not… if somebody's telling me that I said something racist or hurtful, they're not telling me that because they're trying to hurt me… They're telling me that because they trust me and they love me enough and they believe in me enough to say, “she just said this and I think she can do better.” Accountability in that moment is not denying… if I reacted to their bravery by feeling attacked then that wouldn’t grow anything. We wouldn't build a community or a bond over that except for them knowing that they don't trust me anymore. But in that moment, instead of choosing to feel attacked, if I look at how brave that moment was… I want to build on that trust… - Magie Baumgartner

In this Area Voices segment, Magie Baumgartner discusses how being called a racist can be the beginning of critically important bridge-building as well as how Critical Race Theory expands understanding of history.

There is no single story in this world…when we talk about massive parts of our history that were not monolithic…what we're asking for is all the different narratives to be included. And so it isn't a reduction, it is an expansion. - Magie Baumgartner

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