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It's the most bountiful time of the year!

Terry's Gourd Arch
Terry Leinbach's Gourd Arch

Terry Leinbach shares seed saving and soil prepping advice from her garden.

… for the last month, almost daily, if not every other day, we're putting stuff up… so I've been canning like crazy….the broccoli’s all been harvested, the cauliflower’s all been harvested….so there are beds ready to be dug and have leaves put on at the same time we're putting up. – Terry Leinbach

It’s the time of year when gardeners are busy… busy harvesting, busy saving seeds, busy prepping their plots for the upcoming Minnesota winter. Terry Leinbach’s garden is a wonderland of walking paths, sit spots, flowers, and food. She joined the morning show to discuss how the harvesting, seed saving, and how drought has impacted her gardening this year.

My folks were avid gardeners and had seating areas and things. They were farmers, fruit farmers. But when they retired, they just put all their energy into the gardens, which were beautiful. So I come by it naturally. – Terry Leinbach

How did your garden fare this year? Email pictures and thoughts to comments@kaxe.org!

Katie is our Area Voices producer.