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HSMA Fiddle Camp

Fiddle Camp instructors stopped by KBXE this morning!

…we've kind of taken away the training wheels in some ways this week…they're going that direction where they're used to having a page in front of them and we've kind of taken away the training wheels…Most people in America, especially young people that are learning instruments, they'd be more on that reading music side of the fence. And so we’re trying to bring them over without it being too scary…I hope that this this whole learning by ear challenge is an opportunity to feel like they've grown as a musician and they've kind of learned a new way to experience music. – Brian Miller, Center for Irish Music & Fiddle Camp Instructor

Headwaters Music and Arts hosts its annual Fiddle Camp this week. Campers range from beginners to advanced players who are playing fiddles, cello, guitar and bodhran. Instructors Brian Miller, Mary Vanorny, Claire Vanorny, Carrie Dlutkowski, and Eric Carlson stopped by the KBXE studio to discuss what happens at fiddle camp, how they each were charmed by Irish music, and what they hope the campers take back into their real lives after camp week is finished.

Miller, the Vanornys, Dlutkowski, and Carlson will perform together in a special Instructors Concert Thursday, July 8th at 7pm in the parking lot of Headwaters Music and Arts in downtown Bemidji. Tickets are available here. Proceeds will benefit programming at HSMA.

…it's really cool…you don't know somebody but you're able to play music with them and just have a fun time. – Claire Vanorny, 13, Fiddle Camp Instructors’ Assistant

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