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Heidi spoke with Cate Belleveau this morning about how Covid-19 has affected her and how she's coping with the new normal of social distancing.  Cate recently spent a couple weeks in Florida and self-quarantined for 14 days after her return.  In this interview, she gets real about concerns for her children as they face adverse affects Covid is having on their occupations, but she also has a positive outlook that, like Covid, is highly contagious!  

On our extended hour of the Morning Show Heidi talks with Annie Olson-Reiners, Principal at the Nashwauk-Keewatin Elementary School.  Annie gives encouragement to parents and cargivers who are now thrust into the roll of being the teacher in these trying times.  She also shares Shel Silverstein's poem "Helping" with us.

In February we gathered at the WeAre Clinic in Brainerd and hosted a conversation about objectification of women and women's bodies.  Our Strong Women focus groups are led by facilitator Laura Connelly and supported by the MN Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. 

Focus Group Topic, Exploring Objectification: Any Objections to Being Objectified?

Did you known that there is not an Amendment in either the MN or the U.S. Constitution that states specifically that women and men have equal protection under the law?  Polls show that 76% of our population think that we have an Equal Rights Amendment and 94% believe we should.

Betty Folliard joined us For Making Sausage on KAXE/KBXE's Morning Show along with DFL commentator Colleen Nardone. 

I had the pleasure of a visit to Deer River High School last week to hear about the preparations and the meaning behind this Saturday's Picking Roses Round Dance and Fashion Show.  Everyone is invited and welcome.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the movie Bombshell with Laura Connelly and Sarah Bignall.  The movie is about the women at Fox News who set out to expose CEO Roger Ailes for sexual harassment.  It was well done and brought up a lot of conversation after the movie about how women are treated in society and especially at work.  Check out our other Strong Women conversations and coming soon is a focus group wrap up from our Brainerd listening session "Speak Up Lady:  Objections to Objectification".  Also coming

The Women’s Leadership Fund, a non-profit and all-volunteer effort to support and accelerate the strengths and skills of women in organizational leadership positions, is now recruiting for its WELead peer advisory Cohorts that will begin in April 2020 in Brainerd/Little Falls region.  Deadline to apply is February 1st.

Each group is made of up to 10 women leaders who meet monthly and support and advise on each other’s personal and professional goals.

The Anishinaabe have always said that there's a choice between two paths. One is well-worn but scorched and the other is not well-worn and it's green. We're always told to be arduous in our choice upon which path to walk...I feel like at this moment in time, that's where we are. And this pipeline is really about that moment of what we want to do - for the water and for the future. So this story and this up to date, showing the commitment of people on the frontlines and the brutality that Enbridge has resorted to to put in a pipeline.

Project Fine

So being a refugee is like you are just a number. But you know, pretty soon when we became a number, my husband and I, we realized that we were a lucky number because we survived the war in Bosnia.  

Fatima Said is executive director of Project Fine in Winona, MN. 

Last Friday KAXE/KBXE News Director Heidi Holtan and Strong Women contributor and facilitator Laura Connelly visited with the folks at Almanac North Dennis Anderson and Julie Zenner.  We've got more Strong Women focus groups coming up in Brainerd and Grand Rapids and stay tuned for a Strong Women: Grandmothers Storytelling event as well!