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Conversations with women about their lived experience in northern Minnesota.  Search your podcast sources for Strong Women.

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People talk all the time about how we aren't going to have a future... I sort of want a future... a good one!... and I want everyone else to, too!  So, I might as well start somewhere and just get some stuff done...and everyone should be able to garden. - Bridget Westrum, 16 

The day of the reunification, it was October 3rd, 1990, we woke up in a new country without having was a roller coaster of events, of emotions.  This just came like an avalanche, then there was the big euphoria, of course...  so first you couldn't believe it, and then as it sank in and then... What happens?- Monika Lawrence

Minnesota’s education gaps are widening. The gaps have persisted for decades despite the policies from the last two decades that were designed to close them.  Do all Minnesota children have a right to a quality education?  Justice Page and Nevada Littlewolf think so. 

Our Children MN

Following Justice Page’s partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Our Children started hearing from Minnesota parents, students and student

100 Rural Women sees a future where more rural women lead positive change for themselves, their family, their communities, the nation and, of course, the world...We're really committed to building leadership through networks, mentorship, education and civic engagement. And I think most importantly, our organization is nonprofit, nonpartisan. We're all about finding ways for women to connect...

I love their faces, but their faces are usually a reflection of something they’ve gone thru our why we love watching them or why we love their work...really human things that you imagine public figures are able to avoid for some reason.  A lot of the women that I do are survivors of violence, of sexual assault...people who seem really resilient or poppy or glamorous have been through it....I’ve seen their artwork...and now to read about them and look at their face and know that that’s not what anyone knows of them but that’s what they’ve carried around with them has been really fascinating. - Annie Roseen. 

I serve everybody...I'm a servant leader... I humbly walk alongside the people, not in front of them. And that's kind of where I'm at. -Audrey Thayer, Bemidji's first Indigenous City Councilwoman


As leadership professor at Leech Lake Tribal College, Audrey Thayer inspires and empowers her students to make positive change in the world. Her life experience has given her a unique perspective on societal stereotypes, limiting systems, and navigating both legal and political platforms. In this Area Voices segment, learn about the path that led her to using her voice for change, what she hopes to accomplish in the next four years as Bemidji’s first Indigenous City Councilwoman, and the importance of diversity at the policymaking table.

In my point of view,  what I see out there is different. Some people will go and just post the signs, but there's no meaning to the picture...Where I am, I always try to go to the back, the back of the crowd... because that's where you find your most interesting shot..the people on the back are just as important than the people in the front. I like to tell the entire story. - Nedahness Rose Greene



Shanai Matteson

We continue to cover the complex story of the Line 3 Pipeline from Enbridge Energy in northern MN.  We talk with water protectors, Enbridge employees and workers, scientists and journalists reporting from the scene. 


Welcome Water Protectors

Katie Carter

...never give up... have compassion for others and be slow and steady... think about the relationships more than the issues. And if you can slowly and steadily get through those issues, then your relationships will get stronger. - Dr. Donna Pawlowski, BSU Communications Studies

Maya Dusenbery was our guest on the KAXE/KBXE Morning Show for our Strong Women Series made possible by the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.  We talked about gender bias in medicine.  You can watch a facebook live event through the Brainerd Public Library's Friends of the Library Brown Bag Lunch series on Monday February 1st at noon.  Free and open to the public.