Tuesday Mornings

Phenology is the rhythmic biological nature of events as they relate to climate.  John Latimer shares his phenology notes on what he has been observing this week.

Elissa Gallien via KAXE-KBXE Season Watch FB Page


Spring is such a perfect time to be a phenologist! Every week we hear from Minnesota student phenologists as they share what they've been observing outside. Bears, osprey, and snakes, oh my! So many awesome observations this week!  

Ian from Minnepolis

  Phenology is the biological nature of events as they relate to climate.  Every Tuesday morning, our resident Phenologist John Latimer gathers his phenological data and reports his findings in the weekly Phenology Report.

As always, we love to hear what our listeners are noticing out in nature.  Give us a call at 218.999.9876 and let us know what is happening around your place.  You can also send an email directly to John.  Either way, we want to hear from you!

Apple Blossom Nature School

“In diligently recording our sightings, I realize that I often forget to pause and reflect on the beauty of this peculiar hobby.  The natural world is vastly more wild and strange and wonderful than my best phenological notes will ever capture. And there is some irony that in observing the natural biological rhythms of nature, my own secret destiny is staring right back at me. How fortunate we are to share in the ancient conversation together, thru your phenology report.  Bring on the warblers.” 

– Ian, Minneapolis-based phenologist

Sarah Strommen is the new DNR Commissioner for the state of Minnesota.  We had a chance to talk about the hot-button issues like Chronic Wasting Disease, Aquatic Invasive Species, Enbridge Energy Line 3 Pipeline Project that the agency works with and the MN Legislature and the DNR's budget, slot limits for fishing and Minnesota's state park system.

Chronic Wasting Disease is moving closer to home - with a deer farm in Merrifield testing positive and closing, there's some reason to worry about the spread of the disease.  The University of Minnesota considers CWD a potential public health crisis.  What exactly is Chronic Wasting Disease?