New Music

Tuesday - Thursday 2pm-4pm & 10pm-mid

New Music specializes in new releases, bringing listeners "the best of the new" as chosen by Northern Community Radio's music director. Rock, folk/Americana, blues, soul, world beat and jazz are all represented in the mix.

I spoke with Ely musician, Donna Surface on New Music about their upcoming concert in Grand Rapids, this Saturday at St. Andrew's Lutheran Church 7pm.

Listen to our talk covering the egendary bluegrass LaPlant family in northern MN, how they'll be including Don LaPlant into the show, and playing for good people and great causes.

In Studio: Gaelynn Lea

Oct 11, 2018

Gaelynn Lea carved some time out for us to talk about her new album, Learning How To Stay, which is out now. 

After winning the NPR Tiny Desk Contest, Gaelynn and her husband, Paul, played around the world covering 42 states and 7 countries. In the past, Gaelynn has played and recorded her music solo with the help of a looping pedal. 

Over the past few years, Minnesota indie-rock band Hippo Campus, has made it to the top of 'Bands to Watch' lists around the world. These guys came out of the St. Paul Conservatory of Music and have a very educated knowledge of music. And they know how to write a hook.

jeremy messersmith has been out and about throughout Grand Rapids all week long. If you've missed him, you weren't looking! Listen to our conversation with jeremy when he stopped by New Music earlier this week. He talks about longing for his music to find it's way into listeners hearts, rewriting hymns for amusement in his youth, and outer space real estate agents.

Maggie Montgomery

The band Dancing Light stopped by the KBXE studio in Bemidji recently to sing a couple songs and tell a few stories. Their long career locally means there was lots to talk about. It was fun to have Greg, Kiki, and Sabbastian on the air live. Hear the whole conversation by clicking below.