NCR Trips

Northern Community Radio Trips creates small group travel experiences for KAXE-KBXE members, and their families and friends, to see the world together, learning new things, hearing great music, and making new friends.  Our groups are small, typically  12-18 people, and our itineraries always allow for a combination of full group, small group, and individual options, so everyone gets the trip they want.   

For information about upcoming trips, or to suggest cool places we ought to go, contact Trips Coordinator Michael Goldberg, 612-805-4045.


Ways to Connect

M. Goldberg

New Orleans French Quarter Festival April 11 - 15

More than 20 stages, with countless street musicians in between.  Festival shows end at 7, so everyone can go to the clubs.  Beautiful lodgings, a few blocks off Frenchman Street.