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Each story during "these times" is similar.  How do we reimagine what we once used to do?


Jul 31, 2020

Phenology is the rhythmic biological nature of events as they relate to climate. Every week our resident phenologist John Latimer takes a close look at the natural world around us.  This week John discusses the fact that we are in the hottest part of summer and that corresponds with the coldest part of the winter 6 months from now.   In his report he digs into butterflies, blooms, bogs, kingbirds, berries and much more!


A statewide conversation with Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz.  It’s your opportunity to ask questions about Minnesota’s response and plans during this COVID-19 pandemic.   

This week the Governor answered questions about the recently announced guidelines for schools to reopen in the fall and more!

Tessa Beck is the Gallery Director at the Nemeth Art Center in Park Rapids.  She spoke on the morning show recently about the Nemeth's delayed opening due to Covid-19,  the current, collaborative exhibit Of Course, Where Else, and how the Nemeth is thinking outside the box in terms of programming, artist receptions, virtual exhibits, and more. 

We spoke with artist John Pearson earlier this month about his photography exhibit on display at the Watermark Art Center in Bemidji.   He educated us on the photogravure process,  his journey as an photographer and artist, how story is captured in each moment of photography and of course his Invisible Valley collection on display at the Watermark. 

Listen to the full interview here: 


This week we had a conversation on the Tuesday Morning Show about two recent studies from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine,both led by Associate Professor Declan Schroeder.

There's good news and there is bad news.  People of Minnesota and visitors to our state are getting outside more and using public lands.  But they are being jerks about it.  Cutting down trees, leaving behind garbage and human waste....

The people that take care of our lands - the US Forest Service and MN DNR are dedicated to this place we live....we should be treating it better.

Everyone’s had trauma in their life.  There is hope on the other side of grief. There’s opportunity when you process change.  Without change you wouldn’t be alive.  – Matthew Sanford

A statewide conversation with Minnesota’s Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan.  It’s your opportunity to ask questions about Minnesota’s response and plans during this COVID-19 pandemic.   

This week the Lt Governor answered questions about the mask mandate, questions about this upcoming school year and more!