Sec of State Simon: Can I Be Assured My Vote Will Be Counted if I Mail It In? Is Voting Safe?

Aug 5, 2020

We welcomed back the Secretary of State today, Steve Simon.  In addition to Minnesota well on its way to becoming the state with the highest voter turnout again, the request for mail-in ballots as of Friday July 31, 2020 was at 545,000 requests by voters. In Minnesota, voting really matters.

Here's a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to voting in 2020. 

1.  If you request a ballot by mail you don't HAVE to mail it back.  You can drop off your ballot at the address listed on the envelope - either your county offices or city offices. 

2.  If you are worried that it won't be delivered in time or won't be counted, send in your ballot early.

3.  You are no longer required to have a witness for your ballots from home.  See more here.

4.  You can be assured that your ballot was received at the MN Secretary of State's website.  Track your ballot here. 

5.  You can still vote in person as always.  The Secretary of State's office has made public health precautions that will make you as safe as possible when you go to the polls on Tuesday November 3rd.  Find out how to register to vote and where your polling place is here

6.  Voting by mail makes it safer for election workers and those who do vote in person.

7.  Minnesota is in need of election workers.  Many of the previous election judges are in high risk categories when it comes to COVID-19.  It's a paid position.  Contact your county offices or  MN Secretary of State's website