Rally to Support Local Police and Counter Protesters Erupts in Grand Rapids This Week

Jul 30, 2020

On Tuesday July 28th there was a rally at Old Central School in Grand Rapids, MN.  It was called "Back the Blue" and was in support of local law enforcement.

Across from the rally at Old Central School there were a group of counter protesters - younger folks wearing masks during this pandemic - who are part of the local Indivisible group or there to support police reform. The contributors to this story found the rally to be less about supporting police than it was about the upcoming presidential election and re-election of President Trump.  Most of the "Back the Blue" rally attendees (estimated to be about 150 people) were not wearing masks.  Some ventured to the other side of the street, boxing in and intimidating the counter-protesters who were wearing masks during the current world-wide pandemic and under a state mandate to wear masks.  

If you were part of the Back to Blue rally in Grand Rapids email us your perspective.  We are working on more interviews about this and have reached out to law enforcement for an interview and other protests in Brainerd, Bemidji and across northern Minnesota.