Preserving the Past for the Future: Old Bemidji High School Remembered

Jul 16, 2020

With a last-ditch community effort, a group of alumni from the old Bemidji High School managed to save one of the building’s archways when the old school was razed in 2008. They have been working for 12 years to find the funds and space to reconstruct the arch, with a goal to recognize the old high school’s meaning to the community and bring it together with the new school.

Their project is called “Old Bemidji High School Remembered.” Dan Houg and Maggie Montgomery talked with three of the group’s members (all of them from the class of ’64!) on the Wednesday Morning Show. Listen to the interview below as Sharon Fruetel, Linda Lemmer, and Jerry Phillips tell us the history and future of this project. You can find out more on their Facebook page. Donations to this project are accepted at the Northwest MN Foundation.