Phenology Talkbacks: Signs of Spring from students, phone calls & e-mails

Mar 11, 2020

Tuesdays are special at Northern Community Radio.  It's our day to really focus on what's going on in terms of climate and nature.   During our talkback segment on the morning show, we share observations from listeners and young phenologists across Minnesota... This week we heard we heard about of signs of spring! 

Ed from Deerwood noted his first chipmunk! 


Grand Rapids students reported geese, bugs, and a dead skunk!

Kids from Blackberry School reported a screaming rabbit, woodpeckers, eagles and a black squirrel!

Hill City students noted open water, coyote tracks and otter tracks!

Kids at Prairie Creek School in Northfield report buds swelling, turkey vultures and deer!

Christine from the East Side of Hill Lake near Hill City reports gold finches, purple finches and the birdsong symphony! 

We received several emails with a couple sure signs of spring - robins and horned larks! 

The kids from North Shore Community School tapped a tree and started planting their square foot garden!

Check out each report to find out what's happening across Minnesota!  You can send along a note to report what you've observed outside by emailing us or leaving a voice message at 218-999-9876!  Also, don't forget to check out the KAXE-KBXE Season Watch Facebook page!