Phenology Talkbacks: May 26 and June 2 - A double dose of phenology catch-up!

Jun 10, 2020

Covid times have been a little crazy in many ways… Enjoy two weeks of back to back phenology reports below.  Relive the dawn of summer thru the eyes of our student phenologists and our keen listeners who make it a point to document what they are noticing outside!  What are you noticing?  Send us an email that includes either a voice recorded memo from your phone or a written note.  You can always call 218-999-9876 and leave a voicemail on our talkback line as well…as the kids say, “Be Observant! Beware!  Things are happening out there!”

May 26th Reports include listener emails and our weekly report from Chris near Hill Lake as well as student reports from North Shore Community School, Prairie Creek School in Northfield, and Pike Lake School in Proctor

Student Reports were full of observations! 

The Reports from June 2nd have us feeling summer bigtime! 

Get outside! Be observant!