Phenology Talkbacks and Student Reports: Feb 11,2020

Feb 11, 2020

Tuesdays are special at Northern Community Radio because we focus on climate and nature.  When school is in session, we are even more jazzed than normal because  young phenologists across Minnesota when call in their classroom phenology reports.This week we heard from kids in Kelliher, Virginia, Grand Rapids, Hill City, Two Harbors and Northfield!  We also had reports from adults at Hill Lake and Deerwood.  Roaming skunks, biting perch, juncos, the sucker moon and moose sitings are just a few golden nuggets from today's reports.  Check them all out to find out what's happening across northern Minnesota!  You can send along a note to report what you've observed outside by emailing us or leaving a voice message at 218-999-9876!  Also, don't forget to check out the KAXE-KBXE Season Watch Facebook page!   

Kelliher kids reported eagles, skunks, long icicles and much more! 

Kids from Virginia saw squirrels climbing around, bunnies and a wolf and pup! 

Grand Rapids students report longer days and milder temperatures and many deer!

Hill City high school students think they've found a muskrat's food storage area! 

North Shore Community School reports that February is historically the dryest month of of winter, they also report sighting a moose, a saw whet owl, a turkey and even pussy willows budding! 

Students from Northfield report hoar frost, snowfalls, juncos, and several eagles! 

Chris called in a detailed report from Hill Lake near Hill City that included a long-tailed weasel!

And Ed Dallas from Deerwood sent along some nature notes for John to read: