Phenology Talkbacks and Student Reports: 5/4/21

May 4, 2021

If you haven't been out in the forest yet, you need to get out there NOW! - John Latimer

Phenology is the rhythmic biological nature of events as they relate to climate. Tuesday mornings we hear from folks young and old as they share their observations of nature during our Phenology Talkback segment. Spring is such a magical time of year and this collection of reports documents all the progress beautifully!

Maddox & Hattie report mosses, chorus frogs and a field of princess pine in this Pike Lake Elementary report. 

  Norah reports vibrant greens poking thru the forest floor and the sound of a winnowing snipe in this report from North Shore Community School. 

  Teacher Michelle Martin sent this report in from Prairie Creek Community School.

  Harvey Tjader sent in a stellar report of current blooms, buds and other signs of development in the woods around Bemidji. 

  And Jason called in a bird report from his mom's in Eveleth.

   What have you seen outside?!

Don't hesitate to send along your observations! We'd love to hear from you. 

If you are a teacher who would like more information about the Phenology Curriculum, email John, we'd love to have your students involved! 

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