Phenology Talkbacks and Student Reports: 4/14/20

Apr 15, 2020

We recieved some amazing reports from students and listeners this week!  Click on the links below to hear the good news of spring activity happening all around us! 

Don't hesitate to send your observations in via email or phone call 218-999-9876. Don't forget to join our Season Watch Facebook page, too.  We think you'll find it's one of the best places on the web!

Auggie reported finding and capturing a central mud minnow in a vernal stream! 


Mr. Marohn's class in Proctor sent us a video of their reports! Here's the audio:

Kelton reported from North Shore Community School this week!

Barnum 2nd graders  report bumble bees and woodpeckers!

Northfield's report from way down in southern MN has us pumped about what's to come! 

Brad called this report in from Grand Rapids:

Chris from Hill City called in this report: 

We also received a few emails from folks: