Phenology Talkbacks and Listener Reports: March 24, 2020

Mar 24, 2020

One thing that connects us all and gives us all kinds of good feels is the beauty of nature right outside.  What a wonderful treat to continue receiving school phenology reports even though kids aren't attending school as they were just one week ago.  We are so grateful to get these reports from the kids! A ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, that is for sure.  

This week, in addition to the kids' reports, we received emails from several listeners.  The data seems to prove that spring is happening.  YAY!   Click on the reports below and discover what people have been seeing outside!   If you have a report, leave a message at 218-999-9876 or send an email to John.  We want to hear from you! 

 Kelliher students submitted reports of dealing with fishguts, ice cracking and the idea that it's time for spring to get here, already! 


August reports a northern harrier and many other signs of spring in the Shevlin area! 

Northfield kids report so many birds that the weather must be going to warm up consistently, soon! 

An email from Phil in Texas reminds us that life is just better with KAXE.  Thanks, Phil! 

Grant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee told us about the plants in full bloom where he is! 

We also received an email from Dale near Staples who's been assessing the tunnels of a star nosed mole! 

And we heard from our good friend Pam... 

Thanks to everyone who connected with us about what they've been noticing outside.  It's the perfect time of year to go for a hike or a stroll and pay close attention to all the fabulous signs of spring!  Don't forget to email us or call us at 218 999 9876 with your reports!