Phenology Talkbacks and John's Full Report: July 14, 2020

Jul 15, 2020

Every Tuesday during the morning show, our resident phenologist John Latimer takes a deep dive into nature...just before 7am, he shares notes and phone messages from listeners during what we call the "Talkback" segment of the Phenology show.  Then, later in the morning, around 7:20am, he shares his personal, complete phenological assessment of what's blooming, buzzing, growing, and changing here in the northwoods of Minnesota in his official, weekly Phenology Report. 

We are wild about the nature surrounding us here at Northern Community Radio!  What have you been observing outside?  Send an email or leave a phone message at 218-999-9876.  We would love to add your nature notes to our weekly phenology report!  Listen to the linksbelow to hear about what other folks are noticing - from loons fighting eagles to ripened berry reports! 

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