Phenology Talkbacks: 9/29/20

Sep 30, 2020

Each week we hear from regular listeners and classrooms around the region who are paying attention to the natural world around them. Resident phenologist John Latimer gathers the messages and shares them during the Phenology Show every Tuesday morning.   This week we were so thrilled to hear from so many classrooms taking part in the Phenology Curriculum!  We heard from Student Phenologists in Shevlin, Kelliher, Cohasset, Hill City, North Shore, Northfield and Marcell!   

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This week, Augie in Shevlin reports an impressive list of birds as well as shooting a skunk and surprising her with it.

Kelliher kids report getting sprayed by a skunk, sandhill cranes, baby turtles and an eight point buck!

Cohasset students observed a larger number of snakes and more dead animals along the roadside.

Kids in Hill City noticed bobcats and wild turkeys and they’ve been estimating percentages of color change on varieties of trees.

The Northfield classroom report includes worm castings, skunks, and squirrels.

The Newstoks in Marcell witnessed Forster Terns hunting for fish!

In North Shore the kids report many bears and even a lone snow goose that joined a flock of Canada geese.

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