Phenology Talkbacks 9/22/20: Student Reports!

Sep 25, 2020

Phenology is the rhythmic biological nature of events as they relate to climate.  Phenology Talkback is your opportunity to communicate with us.  Maybe you have an observation to share or a comment to make or maybe you want to ask a question!  Leave us a message at 218-999-9876 or send an email and share your thoughts! Our resident phenologist John Latimer gathers the messages from listeners each week and shares them during the Phenology Show on Tuesdays. 

We are thrilled to have recieved reports from several classrooms this week!  In these reports, we hear from the Newstoks kids as well as students from Cherry, Hill City and Northfield! If you would like to get your classroom involved in the Phenology Curriculum, connect with John.  He'll get you set up! 


In our first report of the year from Cherry School , we hear about bears, frost, and flocks of geese.

Students in Hill City are documenting percentage of trees' leaves that have changed color as well as water temperature!

Kids way down south in Northfield report dragonflies as well as great blue herons.  They are learing outdoors in tents this fall!