Phenology Talkbacks: 11/3/20

Nov 4, 2020

Phenology Talkbacks are an opportunity for our community to connect with the station thru nature… Each week listeners and students report observations and present questions to our resident phenologist John Latimer. 

What are you noticing? Send your observations via email or voicemail at 218-999-9876.  You could even record a voice memo on your phone and send your thought that way!


If you are a teacher interested in getting your class on the phenology trail, John has created a whole phenology curriculum!  Send him an email for more information!

Students in Hill City continue their keen observations and estimations of leaf loss! 


Pike Lake kids report average temperatures, buckrub, and share a haiku!

Students at North Shore Community School report chickadees, a short-eared owl, and cat food thieves!

Way down in Northfield, kids report seeing robins and starlings but no vultures or herons. 

We heard from listeners in Chisolm and Floodwood who've seen evening grosbeaks this week!  


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