Phenology Talkbacks

Jan 10, 2017


Tuesday mornings John Latimer compiles the observations in the natural world that people just like you have shared with him and Northern Community Radio.  

It's an opportunity for people just like you to connect with the station and other listeners on the topic of nature.  If you have a comment to make, a question to pose, or an observation to share, we want to hear from you!  Send an email to or send one directly to our resident phenologist John Latimer at or call us and leave a voicemail in your very own voice at 218.999.9876.   Nature connects us and we would love to hear what you are noticing in terms of phenology - the biological nature of events as they relate to climate.

If you are a classroom teacher who would like to get your students involved with our phenology, send John Latimer an email!  He loves spending time with students, talking about phenology and taking the kids outside to show them how to notice the subtle changes in earth’s biological clock!  Email him at