Phenology Student Reports and Listener Talkbacks: May 5, 2020

May 6, 2020

We're in the thick of glorious Minnesota springtime!  Click on the following links to hear what the kids and oters are noticing!  We'd love to hear about what you are seeing... send an email or call our talkback line at 218-999-9876. Get outside!

The kids at North Shore Community School have noticed bluebirds, spring peepers, butterflies and bees! 

Kids at Pike Lake Elementary saw hooded mergansers, ticks, and loons!

Kids in Barnum report thousands of fish eggs and forest ramps!

Northfield kids report blooms on plum trees and oak trees leafing out and deer vomit fungus! 

Chris from Hill City reports blooms, creepy crawlies and much more from her place on Hill Lake!

Ed Dallas sent an email sharing what he's been noticing...