Phenology Student Reports and Listener Talkbacks: 3/31/20

Apr 1, 2020

Robins, bears, red wing blackbirds, peepers, owlets... the evidence is in... spring is happening!  Check out all the reports below to find out what people are noticing from as far north as Kelliher and as far south as St. Louis Park! 

Don't hesitate to send your observations in via email or phone call 218-999-9876.   Check out KAXE-KBXE Season Watch page on Facebook, too! 

Student Reports: 

Kelliher kids saw a bear and lumpy snow while their teacher Lara Thomason saw her first killdeer! 

In Shevlin, Augie reports, among many other things,  trapping and releasing a skunk without getting sprayed!

North Shore Community School reports crows gathering nesting materials and robins singing! 

Northfield kids reported hearing spring peepers! 

Phone Calls and Emails: 

Chris from the east side of Hill Lake... 

Dan the Egg Man... 

Brad from south of Grand Rapids reports blooms!

In this report, we here from John Latimer's niece who lives in St. Louis Park.  Alyn gives a full report of what's happening in her yard, including an update on her owlet! 

Emails from listeners get into the destructive power of porcupines, high bush cranberries and much, much more!