Phenology Report: 8 4 20

Aug 4, 2020

Phenology is the rhythmic biological nature of events as they relate to climate. 

We are just past the hottest days of summer and so much is happening outside!  Click on the arrow to  hear John's Phenology Report for the week.  Find out what's blooming.  Get the berry reports.  Learn the differences between the Canada and bull thistle and the tessellated and downy rattlesnake plantain.  This week's butterfly report includes clouded sulphurs, fritillaries, pearly eyeds, white admirals, and morning cloaks and the hummingbird report is lively - the feeders are under attack!

John also describes how maggot behavior turns birch leaves brown and how  to illuminate and ignite a spore cloud of the bristly clubmoss.  “It’s enough to make you giggle!” – John Latimer

What are you noticing outside?  Send an email or leave a voicemail at 218-999-9876.

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