Phenology Report: 11/17/20

Nov 17, 2020

Phenology is the rhythmic biological nature of events as they relate to climate.  Each week, our resident phenologist John Latimer closely assesses the subtle changes happening outside and gives a full, official phenology report. This week, hear about a finch eruption, grosbeaks returning, a bullock's oriole, and the logical co-existence of the nuthatch and the brown creeper.

John also shares correspondence with some long time friends in this segment and he is itching to strap on his ice that, he advises we all hold off walking on ice until it is two inches thick.  He also advises taking a friend and having a pick or pickaroon along to test ice depth and have on hand in case it's needed. 

We're grateful for Phenology here on Northern Community Radio.  If you are, too, consider making a contribution to the station during our Gratitude Pledge Drive! 

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