Phenology Listener Talkbacks and School Reports: 1/8/19

Jan 8, 2019


Every week we hear from regular listeners and Minnesota school kids as they call or email us with their nature observations. We heard from several people who emailed messages to John this week and from four classrooms that put together some phenomenal phenology reports! Included this week are some beautiful observations  including a deer on someone's front porch, a bull moose, and a sunsent that caused the sky to have an orange hue with a tint of green and a cloud formation that made part of the sky look like a lake with islands.  

What are  you noticing outside?  We would love to hear from you whether you are in a classroom or your living room!    Don't hesitate to email or give us a jingle and leave a message at 218.999.9876.  You might also consider joining our KAXE-KBXE Season Watch Page on Facebook to connect with other nature-conscious folks in northern Minnesota! 

If you are a teacher or someone who works with kids, we invite you to join the Phenology Network on KAXE/KBXE!  John Latimer has created a curriculum spanning the whole school year and will connect with you on how to get students observing nature and sending in their phenology reports. Send an email of interest along to get you set up!

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